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On this page you can buy a set of detailed instructions that will show you how to make these homemade Christmas decorations.  With a set of these instructions you will be able to easily make decorations.


What am I buying?

Your purchasing a set of detailed instructions to make the star handmade Christmas decoration. 

These instructions are 8 pages in length and have are in written format, with pictures and diagrams of each step.  With these instructions anyone, including children, can reproduce these stars.

We've set the price at $9.95 USD.  The price was set to cover the costs of maintaining this website, yet inexpensive enough for anyone to buy.

Payment via Send Owl

To make payment you need to click on the Pay Now button which will send you do our payment processor and you will then be able to download the full instructions to make these great stars.

This is a single payment not a subscription. You will immediately be able to download a PDF file instructions.

Why Send Owl

Make Your Own Star uses Send Owll as our payment processor. 

This protects you, since none of your payment information is released to any third party or maintained by Send Owl. Once payment is received you will be able to download the Make Your Own Star Instructions.

We've used Send Owl and never had a problem.  You do not need a Send Owl account to pay through Send Owl.

You Bought

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