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We thought our visitors might enjoy the back story as to how we came up with the idea for these homemade Christmas decorations. 

Handmade Christmas decoration

The Story

As a child my mother got me into making these great homemade Christmas decorations.  We got some soda straws a piece of wire, some string and began to make decorations.

Of course the first use was as Christmas decorations, but soon we found they could be used for lots of purposes.  I've used them at birthday parties, weddings, and just hanging in the house.

You get such a great feeling when someone first sees a star and says "where did you get that".  When you tell them you made the star, they won't believe it.  Once you tell them how you made the star, they look at you in awe.  A very good feeling.

In elementary school and high school I took stars to school for various purposes and for a short time was the star of the school.

If you have children and they make a star or two for school, church or any occasions you can be sure your child will be the star of the event.

I started making stars again a few years ago and someone said that I should write up some directions and put them on the web.  So here it is a set of detailed instructions as to how to make your own star.  The instructions are so detailed even a caveman can do it. 



handmade decoration

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