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If you enjoy arts and crafts you will love making your own star.  These unique creations are great homemade Christmas decorations. Homemade Christmas decorations are great fun for young and old.  If you like to make decorations this is for you.

The Story

These homemade Christmas decorations are a tradition in Switzerland. 

Many years ago our family started making them. 

I remember taking them to school, Christmas parties and many other events.

The first question I was always asked was, "where did you get the star".   Of course when I said, "I made it", everyone was greatly impressed.

So if you want to impress your friends and relatives just make a few of these stars.

A Handmade Star

handmade christmas decorations

Making a Star

We've put together a set of detailed instructions on how to make these homemade Christmas decorations.

The instructions are so detailed that we feel certain anyone young or old, will be able to successfully make decorations and have some great homemade Christmas decorations.

The instructions contain a comprehensive list of materials and step by step instructions.  Each step is explained with diagrams and pictures.  

To test the instructions we had people who've never seen a star or generally make decorations build a star from these instructions.

We feel these instructions are bullet proof.

To get the instructions click here or on "Instructions" at the top of this page.

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